In 1961
Friedhelm Schwarz founded the Glama Maschinenbau.
First he built machines and equipment for
Forging and Steel producing industries.

In 1976
Glama changed to a limited company LTD.

Since 1995
Reinhard Schwarz is the new president of
Glama Maschinenbau GmbH.

If you are interested in further information
about GLAMA Philosophy please download
PDF- document.

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GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH
Hornstraße 19
45964 Gladbeck

Umsatzsteuer Ident-Nr.: DE 811145775
Handelsregister Gelsenkirchen HRB 4196

Glama sells its know how in engineering, manufacturing
and commissioning of machines and equipment
to customers on all continents of the world.

Meanwhile Glama delivers machines and
equipment for the:

• Forging Technology

• Aluminium Industries

• Smelting Technology

• Foundry Technology